Influence of Socio-Economic Status on Educational Achievements: A Critical Study


  • Sania Zamir Research Scholar, Department of Teachers’ Education, FUUAST
  • Qarman Latif Lecture, Department of Teachers’ Education, FUUAST


Influence, Socio-Economic, Achievement, Welfare State, Market Economy, Race, Opportunity


The purpose of this research to find whether the socio-economic status has any influence on the educational achievements of the students and to which extend is that influence and how much it has affected the educational achievement of the children in which manner and from which context. For the purpose of this study the researcher has gone through several of books, journals, newspaper articles, PhD dissertations and all possibly accessible forms of literature, the literature gone through for the purpose of this research was rich in nature and it was gone through deeply from all its angles by the researcher. Further, for the purpose of collecting data for the research and to reach the conclusions and findings the researcher has make around 50 participants in this research and long interviews with variety of the concerned people. The interviews were conducted with teachers and parents and the questionnaire was distributed among variety of people for the purpose of this research. The research has gone through libraries and all sets of data base and has personally observed the matter with the self-experience and focus groups, the research has reach the findings that the socio-economic status has a large influence on the educational achievements of the children and such influence is affecting negatively to the society, the researcher has coated several authors and researches in this paper and their references are given properly in the end of paper, the researcher has provided the questionnaire in the appendix of this paper. This paper was based on 05 research questions and 05 research objectives, the researcher has struggled to find the answers to those questions and to reach the objectives of this research and those questions are addressed in this paper respectively. This research has contributed this piece of research as an addition to the literature already existing regarding the subject matter of the research.