Issues and Problems Faced by Bread Industry in Pakistan

Issues and Problems Faced by Bread Industry in Pakistan


  • Faisal Ijaz TDAP
  • Syed Anas Mateen Lecturer Economics (Ripah Internationl University Sargodah Campus)


Warehousing, , temperature, bread, shelf life, Operational efficiency, Operational effectiveness


Bread industry in Pakistan are facing various issues and problems which need to be discussed and solved. In our research we will discuss all issues faced by bread industry and which factors are affecting them. Pakistan is a third world country in which use of latest technology and advancement reach very late as compared to developed countries. Latest technology give new highs to warehousing of bread industry. Bread is an item used on daily basis and when it prepared it should be delivered to end consumers as soon as possible otherwise it would be spoiled. Our research based on different questionnaires both qualitative and quantitative. Telephonic interview had been conducted with employees of bread industry and on their provided information questionnaire have been prepared. Samples of eight bread manufacturers in Karachi have been taken and population size of fourteen. Our bread industrialist should learn from western manufacturers in term of use of latest technology and all other aspects. We reached on a conclusion that warehouse performance based on some factors which are; operational efficiency, effectiveness of WMS, temperature controlling system, shelf life and health and safety concerns.